Foreword: I actually got this from another website, however it actually feels like I wrote them :D

Tux_bibleIf you’re a Linux enthusiast like me, you’ve probably tried to convert a few people over to Linux from another operating system. Even though you succeed many times, there are always a few ‘geniuses’ out there who need some real persuading to switch over to Linux.

So here are some quick and simple things about Linux you can point out to your potential convert.

1. Linux helps you get rid of viruses, worms, and other computer infections.

Although it is possible to get infected even with Linux (malware is mainly written for Windows), its system architecture, based on a server-client relationship makes it difficult for a virus to do any damage.

2. Linux is fast and will stay fast

Vista is a huge resource hog. XP isn’t too humble either. If you use Windows for a longer time and install lots of different programs, your computer becomes bloated with trash data, consequently becoming slower. With Linux, even a major distro won’t demand more than 256 RAM to run passably with all the bling and a maximum of 2 GB of space. And it won’t get slower.

3. Linux is easier to use than Windows. Using the Terminal is not necessary in most cases.

What could be easier than opening a package manager, selecting the software you want, and letting Linux download it for you? I hate it when people complain about how Linux’ hardware support bites. They probably aren’t aware of the fact that Linux supports more devices than Vista. I should know, I had my share of problems with three different versions of Windows with lots of pieces of hardware. Ndiswrapper-gui is fool-proof and you know it! You can’t expect a new user will know how to solve every issue.

4. Linux is free as in free beer AND as in free speech. Cost does NOT define the value of Free Software!

All of the major Linux distributions are free of cost. Yes, that’s zero dollars. Ain’t it great to have a whole operating system and not be afraid you’ll get fined? You can choose from a multitude of great open source apps which come under the GPL license, too. No need to worry about the

5. Your porn collection is safe with Linux

Don’t laugh. I’m not a big fan of porn, but it has a big market share on the Internet. On Linux, (which is trojan, virus etc. free), every user gets a password, and you can see the source code so you know that FBI isn’t checking you out, like on Windows.

6. Thousands of Windows-only applications (even Photoshop CS3) and games work with Linux through WINE just as fast. You can also find good alternative open source software.

The Linux experience may be a bit different for a user who needs some Windows-only software, because there is no good equivalent for it on Linux. There’s always WINE though. It’s a compatibility layer which can install Windows programs on your Linux Box, even games like Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament, Half-Life 2…

7. Linux looks better than Windows Vista or Mac OS X

It’s a simple as this: Linux has got Compiz Fusion and a very nice default theme, normally. You can imitate ANY effect other operating system boast with. If a Mac user still thinks his Mac OS X or Vista look better, don’t worry. You can make Linux look exactly like it in under 15 minutes.

8. Linux is fun

People always tell me this. And why? Linux users have the power to expand their system for free, they are free to modify the system exactly to their needs. You learn something new this way every day with Linux and if you do things right it can reward you with the desired results.

9. You can help improve Linux

There are lots of jokes made about ‘teh 1337 powerz of communityz’!!! Sadly, they exist mostly because they don’t know any good arguments against community. In open source, you can actually speak to the actual developers, help translate, develop and improve the software you are using right now while not helping others make wads of cash.

10. Linux makes you give your computer a name

It’s possible on every OS, basically, but Linux demands you do it! Sheer coolness.

I found an article about stuff that is OK to do with Linux but it’s not OK while using Windows or even a Mac.

Among those are :

  • Upgrade to the newest version legally and without paying money
  • Have the latest version of the operating system run faster than the previous version on the same hardware
  • Easily install and run different graphical interfaces if I don’t like the default setup
  • Install twenty programs with one command
  • Have the system automatically update all my installed programs for me.
  • Install the same copy of my OS (Ubuntu) on multiple computers without worrying about license restrictions or activation keys

You can get a linux from here.



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