For what I think

Recently, I watched the movie, Hunger Games.

It was, really, disappointing for me. When this movie attract that much people, I thought it was a great movie. Everyone was talking about this movie. They like the movie’s facebook page, the book’s facebook page etc.

The movie was short for its story. Why didn’t they mention the problems, the world a little more?

For example, the guy that is friend of Katniss whatever. Why did they put this character? Why did he became sad when he saw that the girl is kissing the other boy?

They made a movie that has a story of murders and massacre, but they didn’t put any great killink scene. I couldn’t understand what they are trying to do.

For example the old guy, who is the leader of the program, I couldn’t get what is his place in story. Or at the end, what were they doing. What happened, or what did they plan to do to the girl and section 12. They are all problems about movie in my opinion.

When I see this image in posters and everywhere, I thought It would be better.

I just remembered, why didn’t they mention where are these people fighting? What was the “dogs” that attacked to them?

It wasn’t about the symbol either.


I get angry when I remember, so I will stop here.


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