What a relief…

Did you ever felt that one of your best friends have gotten angry with you? I felt in that way some days till now. That was possibly one of worst-in-life experiences. I admit it that I exaggerated a little 😀

However most of it was correct. (without any objection)..


The image is a bit irrelevant but I guess I felt most of the feelings in it. 😀 I am scared, thrilled…  Then I asked to my THAT friend that if there is a problem between us aaaand I was happy, elated, grateful, thankful etc.

I don’t know why I am writing this but, is there any  problem? I can write so I write… 😀


I will continue.

This part is always the most difficult part (in my opinion): I said I will ask something. Then the answer came. “Tell then..”

But how can I ask this? It is a point that we are talking without a problem but I should ask to be sure… I wanted to give up but there is no turning back after saying “I will ask something” because it can be enough to get some things worse alone. I wanted to ask something different.. My mind stopped then.. What could I ask? I thought that I can make a silly joke, or ask any irrelevant, unnecessary question.. “This is no good!”, a voice come from inside of my brain, “Ask and everything will be better ( I wish)”


I understood that if I wouldn’t say I will ask something, it would remain impossible to ask for me..

To put everything together, I asked and things went good, “there is no problem” was the answer given to me..

Although it is resolved like that, there are still a lot that I couldn’t find the courage in myself to ask, or I couldn’t find the way that I should ask or that I leave at the last moment.. That was the reason also.. why I couldn’t change the topic after saying that I will ask. 😀

Good night,

Have a good day,

Have a good week,

Have a good weekend,

AND Have a good, happy new year.


2 thoughts on “What a relief…

  1. どうしても忘れられず、探偵を雇って探してもらおうと思ったこともあるほどの彼。独身か分からないけど……。

    1. It was cool. I don’t understand but I knew someone who can 😀 I would delete this comment but this is the first time I get a Japanese comment.
      According to my friend the translation:
      I can’t forget, – I’ll have to hire a detective to look for him. I don’t know why he is single.

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