Rush of Rainbow Chaser

Here is the first part of a long story that I was working on. Keep checking for the rest. I will continue sharing.

Once upon a time, there was a boy full of dreams. Living in the world of dreams, getting angry, becoming happy, enjoying himself there. He was acting insensitive, though he wasn’t.

He had a strange dream one day… By -strange- I mean very strange, such that he felt that was strange. You see, a boy full of dreams thought that way. Anyway, I will go on…

He was so sensitive that when he gets bad news, he immediately gets sick. There is not much people like that. Just because one of his acquaintances didn’t talk to him, he had headache and couldn’t get up for a couple of days.

And of course, I should mention it, he loved motors by the birth. Even his family surprised. Since he walked for the first time, he only stopped around motors for long time. When he was 4, he was watching motors and chains on them. Whenever somebody said “Come!” to him, he answered “Wait a bit!”. We don’t know exactly what he was seeing and witnessing but certainly, it must be something special.

He was flying above clouds, swimming in oceans, breaking out from prisons, breaking spells and so on.

He was bright, everyone was proud of him. Until the day…

What was I saying? Oh yes, the strange dream. I asked him myself, “What is strange for you? Just to see the difference of our logic..” He told me one of his -normal- dreams. It was about 30 years ago, when he was 6.

He ran through  a school which is in his neighborhood. Actually, he was running away from a guilty person. A big school he said, “I ran about 10 minutes just to reach to the building.”

When he reached the building, after running half of the way, he got stuck… Whatever, I will tell with his own words…

“I ran until I reach the building. Then I continued running inside. I ran too much then wondered where the man was. I looked back. It was a -running machine-, well, people on TV, running on it in their house. (He was talking about treadmill. ) I realized that I am not moving forward but thing are going backward. Building was like elastic band that a giant grabbed and now pulling.” . . .


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