Jim Carrey – Inspirational Story

Not many people know, but veteran actor Jim Carrey is a live example of a success story that is inspiring.


“Jim Carrey has a dark past. The Canadian actor grew up in poverty and at 12 years old was forced to get an after-school factory job working eight hours per day. His father lost his job when he was 51 and since then this guy has been sort of taking on the world. It seems the actor always had a knack for antics and that was to pay off but not just yet. The family lived in a van for a while, and he along with his family worked together as security guards and janitors. “

His father would help him put together stage acts and drive him to Toronto to debut at the comedy club YukYuk’s. This never took off which made him start doubting his abilities. Things became even worse when his family started experiencing financial difficulties which made it hard for them to support his ambitions.

They however moved into a new home and Carrey went back on stage with more confidence and better polished act. He found himself opening mic nights and later became a regular paid comedian in the shows. His star was now beginning to shine.
Source: WATCH: The Real-Life Inspiration Behind Tyler Perry’s Juicy New Show

And after doing a string of side roles in many low budget Hollywood flicks, Jim Carrey shot to fame with the Ace Ventura Series, and the rest as they say is history. (after his success, Carrey wrote himself a $10 million cheque. When his father passed away in 1994, he slipped the cheque into his father’s pocket in the casket before burial).

I remember watching him on the “Inside Actors Studio” where he had revealed the truth about his life and since then this guy has been someone who has inspired me.


Completely stolen.. Not even one word changed in that part. from Quora but I lost who write it. Soryy for using content without addressing you. 😦


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