What If You Got Everything You Ever Wanted?

Warning: I’m here to interrupt your regularly scheduled life to bring you a completely optional announcement. 

This segment may or may not momentarily fuck your day up, then make it orders of magnitude better, and finally, proceed to send your life on a detour. Results may vary, and are not guaranteed.

Hypothetical question: How much money would be too much for you to ever want to have? 

For example: If you were to make a list of everything you’ve ever wanted to buy for the rest of your life — for yourself, your family, your friends — and add it up — what is the number that is $1 above this amount? At what point would you say: I have enough. I’m done. The concept of earning more money is no longer useful or necessary for me to satisfy any of my needs.

Though it may be very hard to even visualize this scenario, it’s extremely beneficial to do so. Everyone has some limit. Some will be much higher than others; but eventually, with an unlimited checkbook, there is a level at which consumption for consumption’s sake would inevitably begin to feel empty and boring. 

Let’s keep going with this idea of getting everything you’ve ever wanted, even beyond just the monetary aspect.

After every mean kid from grade school apologized and admitted that they were wrong for underestimating you, after every goal is accomplished, after every chip on your shoulder was removed, and statues were created in your image, what would you do next? What would be left to strive for? What goals would be left to achieve after you’d already collected every single one that was meaningful to you?

If you ever got to that level — beyond money — beyond consumption — beyond personal achievements — beyond ego — beyond having to prove anything to anyone — how would you derive meaning and joy out of life?

(I warned you that this was a mindfuck in the beginning)

Take a few moments and really think deeply about that question again. Try to come up with an answer before you continue reading. 

If you ever got to that level — beyond money — beyond consumption — beyond personal achievements — beyond ego — beyond having to prove anything to anyone — how would you derive meaning and joy out of life?

The reason why I ask is because this visualization can become like a cheat code for your life, allowing you to skip a bunch of shitty intermediate levels that you truly have no interest in playing. 

While you’re stressed out and feeling worthless because you’ve yet to achieve some high mark that you’ve set for yourself, it’s possible to realize that even if you did achieve it, there would be a point afterward whereby that achievement would no longer even be that important to you. 

After it was over, you would wake up one day realizing that you’re still the same person who breathes air, eats food, and puts their pants on one leg at a time. No matter how grand the goal, eventually it too would pass, and become old news.

So, when you reach that maximum limit, when you have that excess money that still sits on top of everything you’ve ever desired — more than you could ever imagine — what would you decide to do with it?

If spending it on things for yourself no longer made you happy, if hoarding it no longer made you happy — what would you do with it?

You could spend it on other people in need.

You could give them experiences of liberation that they’ve never had. You could feel fulfilled just witnessing them go through it for the first time, and be reminded of what it felt like going through it for the first time yourself; bonding you closer together, and knowing that your actions made it possible.

You could focus completely on making people laugh and feel joy; you could relieve pain and stress; you could help them experience new levels of freedom. You could use your greatest core attributes to move people’s emotions. And you could realize that it doesn’t even matter if they ever do anything good for you in return. Because the act in and of itself is good enough. And since these acts stem from the core of what really makes you who you are, they can never run out. 

This is the endgame. In the longest of long runs, it’s where we’re all headed. And the great news is that once we truly understand this, we can sidestep all of the intermediate phases of needing to prove something to feel complete. It’s there right now.

Beyond hatred. 
Beyond rudeness.
Beyond cut throat competition. 
Beyond ego. 
Beyond fear.
Beyond scarcity. 

There is love. 

There’s no limit to it, and there’s more than enough for everyone.

It’s not to be found outside, it’s found when we look within. 

It’s not something to be achieved or acquired, but something to be embodied and lived.

The more aligned we are with it, the more we feel it.

from: Jordan Phoenix (Quora)


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