I wish could write the whole story here and now but I won’t be able to. So, I will write some and maybe edit every now and then.

The story goes back to around 4 years ago. The one with id D.M or as you see davetsiz. Actually, I don’t even know what to write about this. Things have gone without my will. I couldn’t do anything to stop myself or any other person. Then I became acquaintances with davetsiz. It was the best thing that had ever been happened to me. I met someone who is funny, thoughtful and complete (in some ways.. I gues I exxaggerated a bit. ) When I thought I can trust that person, I had that person to have an account on my website. The first post from davetsiz came with this ( Nasıl Yapsam Bilemedim Şimdi.. ).

Anyway, I guess this was no go. We couldn’t continue this with our lives. We have different worlds, I guess. As you can see, No more posts from davetsiz around here, maybe you wondered what happened, but you couldn’t ask. Maybe you asked me what is wrong with me. Maybe you don’t even care. These all go to the same end, things have changed. Life brings new things to people all the time.

Now, I don’t have anyone around me that will say, “Life can always bring something good as long as you are alive!” with  a smiling face. Or send me some cakes with a note: “Open up with your smile!”. Or get angry with me, just to see my trembling body and red face. Then laugh at me as hard as one can.

To shut up with, I will say, I will write more later (I hope). I wish I could find someone like that person someday, share some things…


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