Rush of Rainbox Chaser – 3

Here is the third part of a long story that I was working on. Keep checking for the rest. I will continue sharing.

Another dream he saw was this: “He saw a big building with nothing in it but chairs. And people sitting. Then he goes out, goes down a ramp a little, and sees the side of the rock that building is built on. Don’t know why but he decides to climb his was up. Tries that and when he understood that he wouldn’t be able to climb, he turns back and continue walking down. Not long later, (about 2-3 seconds) he sees a girl about the same age as himself. There is a black jeep next to the rock, and the girl in black has an injured foot. He saw her foot in blood.

Just a second ago, he was making some calculations about how can he climb that rock using the jeep as a stepping stone.

Now, he realizes that he needs to help that girl. Walks faster towards the girl. Thinks alternatives on how to help that girl. First thing he thought was helping her like … umm.. givingher a shoulder and walk her to the building up above. Then some voice says that it is not an appropriate way to act.

He hugs the girls and carries her about 5 meters. Then he sees a man from the building. But now, there is one thing different. He is carrying his daughter. He blushes, because it can also be seen inappropriate by her father. It is HER FATHER, do you understand? In some countries, this is enough to kill someone.

The rest is the story of next time 🙂


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