kernel module efforts

Here are some links that I used while struggling with kernel module development. (In this post, there is no source or output of my module. You can create your own module using only these links but I will probably share my module within a couple of days.)

include/linux/fdtable.h in freedreno/kernel-msm:master – Gitorious
Linux Kernel: files_struct Struct Reference
Process Address Space
LXR linux/include/linux/mm_types.h
How the Kernel Manages Your Memory – Gustavo Duarte
Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial
JL’s stuff: Linux Memory Forensics: task_struct
15.1. Memory Management in Linux
linux – get _complete_ process name from pid – Stack Overflow
getting process mm field task_struct – Google Search
Process Descriptor and the Task Structure
The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide
Understanding the structure task_struct. — Linux Kernel Newbies
[Linux Kernel Linked List Explained]
Linux World: Module to print the open files of a process
Data Structures Associated with a Process
c – A process’s files, the relation between files in mm_struct and files_struct? – Stack Overflow
Source Listing for include/linux/file.h
The Linux kernel: The Linux Virtual File System
current directory of a process in linux-kernel – Stack Overflow
Sumanadak’s Tech Blog: Know rss field in ps command also mm_struct in linux kernel
Experiments with the Linux Kernel: Process Segments LG #112

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