Improve Creativity

Writing constantly. 

     While it can be argued that there are perhaps better ways one can acquire knowledge, such as by reading, I believe that in many cases creative writing (poems, short stories, blogs, quora answers) is one of the most significant ways to improve ones creativity. My main line of reasoning for this claim is that most people do have interesting/unique ideas or thoughts but just aren’t able to express them in a coherent way. As such, these thoughts, the seeds of our creative processes, eventually fade away because they are drowned out by  the demands of our daily activities (going to work/school, studying for exams, applying shampoo). For example,  it is a general truth that people often contemplate on  deep philosophical questions in the shower which, unsurprisingly, is a rare period of solace amidst our (usually) bustling lives.



Also, in my experience,  another example of these period where “deeper” or creative thoughts occur is lying in bed before you sleep. The point I’m trying to make is that the average person does not really elaborate or cultivate these transient thoughts at all. However, writing is a great mechanism through which one can expand on these ideas and perhaps come to even more profound realizations or even make a vague observation more concrete. Case in point – when I first started writing this answer I had only a fuzzy outline of what I wanted to say, but realized that once I started writing there was more substance to my ideas than I initially thought. Hence, just the act of writing itself can facilitate creativity. I believe that very few people can actually develop ideas in their minds alone without any kind of external medium. 

I suppose if you aren’t the writing type, discussing your vague ideas you have with a friend also works and helps to solidify ones thinking. However, the value of writing lies in the fact that it’s something you can do as an individual. Of course, there are a plethora of other benefits to be gained from writing such as learning to express yourself in a clear, concise and coherent way and increasing your vocabulary. . 

In a world plagued with almost instantaneous access to various types of distractions (checking facebook, playing games on your smartphone), it is natural that perhaps writing almost seems too slow placed, requires too much effort to get started and too much focus to maintain. In response to that, all I can say is that it’s actually an awesome feeling to pour out your thoughts in a coherent and tangible way. I can promise that if you start writing, the rewards will be great 🙂


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