The day I hated myself

Another tryout of story telling.

Just like any other day, I was just killing my precious time in school. Just like any other day, I wasn’t happy. But not like any other day, q friend odd mine asked ‘are you OK? You don’t look good.’ The time between the question and answer was to long for me to question my lifestyle and perspective. I couldn’t answer, I thought I should buy then shouldn’t. I didn’t know what to do. I thought it would be better off she didn’t ask me that question. Then I wouldn’t be in position of the answerer. I didn’t want to talk about all the problems I have.. Tried to find an alternative answer. The thing in my mind was, “How can I answer this? I’ve never told someone that I’m OK. I am so used to complain. ” Maybe that was the point… If I could just answer that question, maybe my life would start to change drastically. Then there is another problem, what will I say? I thought I was starting to sweat, but I didn’t. I was not even excited. I thought again. “I have problems.” I thought this a lot. Not even one person said that I am normal before.

I hope I can write the rest sometime.


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