I love myself.

I’ve never once in my life hated myself.

I don’t hate my high specs, my half-asses good looks and my pessimistic and pragmatic outlook.

I don’t hate them at all, but it looks like I’m gonna hate myself for the first time ever.

In my eyes, She was always beautiful, never lied, was sincere, and stood on her own two feet regardless of whether she had any support.

I’m sure I admired Her I saw. I selfishly held high hopes for her, selfishly burdened her with my ideals, thought I understood her,  and selfishly got disappointed by her.

I’d warned myself about this over and over again, but it looks I haven’t been cured of it all.

Everyone lies, and She is no exception.

Here I am, finding myself unable to forgive something so obvious and ordinary.

And I…

hate myself for it.


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