I am losing interest in life and am getting depressed. What are the top 3 things I can do right now to feel better instantly?

**Volunteering. You will see there are people in much worse situation, emotions will start going, you may start to care – that may help. And you will make a world a bit better place.

Start doing a combat sport. Its physically demanding, you will get all the benefits of exercising + you will get beaten up occasionally – pain will bring you back to the basics of life and realization how good it is not to be in pain.

Develop an expertise in something – being best in something – in the world, or in your community – will bring the self worth back, ability to help and to matter (and possibly make some money).

Find good friends – happiness is doubled, sorrow is halved. Also, good movies, songs, food and sleep helps.

It worked for me.


  1. Take a cold shower every morning for 2 weeks, before the city wakes up
  2. Go for a 30 minute walk afterwards
  3. Grab a coffee and pick up any good book (classics or self improvement)
  4. Always challenge yourself and put small goals in front of you

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