If you can’t download your files from FileZilla

I’m copy/pasting two messages from a forum.

I don’t know if this is a common problem. The pretty pathetic search system cannot find anything on this topic and it’s not in the brief FAQ and unhelpful Wiki.

My server connects fine. The server connection is correct and everything in FileZilla is configured. I have the latest version but I cannot download my files off my server. I right click on the index.html file that I want to edit and “Download” is grayed out. I try to drag the file onto my desktop: it doesn’t work. Why can’t I download the files?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

And the answer 🙂
Have a good hard look to the left and realise where you are planning to download the files to. Then slap yourself on the forehead.

Broken Necklace

This term came to my life when I was a first year student in high school. This was a question in our computer technologies class. However, it is irrelevant right now. Then, I was just a kid (about) 14 years old, knowing nothing about life and the world.

Let’s forget about Broken part. I brought 3 necklaces in my life. As you may guess, first one was to the girl I like. Second was for a friend as a parting gift. And the last one,


This one above.

It was just a whim. I saw this in the internet then thought “I will buy this!”, and bought.

The first necklace I bought had a big light purple gem on it.

Second one was a leaf, I really liked that one.

And this one with a bird was the last one.

All have their own stories, first one was a failure, second one was my

 to be continued…