Broken Necklace

This term came to my life when I was a first year student in high school. This was a question in our computer technologies class. However, it is irrelevant right now. Then, I was just a kid (about) 14 years old, knowing nothing about life and the world.

Let’s forget about Broken part. I brought 3 necklaces in my life. As you may guess, first one was to the girl I like. Second was for a friend as a parting gift. And the last one,


This one above.

It was just a whim. I saw this in the internet then thought “I will buy this!”, and bought.

The first necklace I bought had a big light purple gem on it.

Second one was a leaf, I really liked that one.

And this one with a bird was the last one.

All have their own stories, first one was a failure, second one was my

 to be continued…


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