How to Solve “minimalNumberOfCoins” in CodeFights

The Problem:

You find yourself in Bananaland trying to buy a banana. You are super rich so you have an unlimited supply of banana-coins, but you are trying to use as few coins as possible.

The coin values available in Bananaland are stored in a sorted array coins. coins[0] = 1, and for each i (0 < i < coins.length) coins[i] is divisible by coins[i - 1]. Find the minimal number of banana-coins you’ll have to spend to buy a banana given the banana’s price.


For coins = [1, 2, 10] and price = 28, the output should be
minimalNumberOfCoins(coins, price) = 6.

You have to use 10 twice, and 2 four times.


  • [time limit] 4000ms (py)
  • [input] array.integer coinsThe coin values available in Bananaland.Constraints:
    1 ≤ coins.length ≤ 5,
    1 ≤ coins[i] ≤ 120.
  • [input] integer priceA positive integer representing the price of the banana.Constraints:
    8 ≤ price ≤ 250.
  • [output] integerThe minimal number of coins you can use to buy the banana.

The Solution:

def minimalNumberOfCoins(coins, price):
	r = 0
	while price>0:
		while price<coins[l]:
			if l<0:
		if l<0:
		price -= coins[l]
	return r

The Explanation:


2 thoughts on “How to Solve “minimalNumberOfCoins” in CodeFights

  1. This is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. A python example without indentations is not python. Fucking terrible.

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