Anime Screenshot Series – 6


This is the god-knows-which-numbered post of the series. I don’t remember.

Someone I know got a haircut recently.

I really wanted to say these to her… But! But! But! But! But! 🙂

From D-Gray Man 🙂

D.Gray-Man - 094.avi_snapshot_13.51_[2014.12.05_04.48.14]D.Gray-Man - 094.avi_snapshot_13.53_[2014.12.05_04.48.29]D.Gray-Man - 094.avi_snapshot_13.57_[2014.12.05_04.48.36]D.Gray-Man - 094.avi_snapshot_14.01_[2014.12.05_04.48.42]D.Gray-Man - 094.avi_snapshot_14.06_[2014.12.05_04.48.51]D.Gray-Man - 094.avi_snapshot_14.09_[2014.12.05_04.48.56]

For the people interested in the matter:


This is the previous hairstyle of the character. She loses her hair in a big fight and now in hospital in that episode.


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