Introduction to CoffeeScript

Hey guys!

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Today I’ll be a little bit more serious than usual and talk about some business.

There is a language called CoffeeScript, which I won’t explain what it is.

Here is how to install it in Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc.


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Touch gives the world an emotional context. The touch of others makes us who we are. It builds trust.

Beautiful 3-D rendered One Piece fan art will have you reaching for the tissues


one piece 1

Those of you who have been reading RocketNews24 for any period of time might have noticed that we really like pretty, shiny things. Whether it’s traditional art, a re-creation of something old into something new, or something completely original, when we see it we can’t help gushing about it.

When we saw this image of what looked like it could have been a new video game for the PlayStation 4, we were already impressed, and then we were completely blown away when we found out this was actually a fan-made, completely realistic 3-D rendering of One Piece! (Careful, One Piece spoilers after the jump)

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Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Pics


Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 has been announced and we have been slowly learn about the next beach vacation that Team Ninja has planned for the girls of DOA. We have some pics of the lovely ladies in action. By ladies I mean one as Kasumi is the only one making an appearance in these pics. The pics also show the box art for Dead Or Alive Venus. You can check out all screensshots below.



As always thank you for reading.

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