Blender Render Sampling

Yesterday I shared a coffee mug image.

Now, let’s have a look at some other sample sizes of that image.

low size: 250


If you look closely, you will see the black and white dots inside mug, close to the top. Takes about a minute to render.

Mid size:1000


This was the image a shared yesterday. It is much more beautiful. You can’t see a problem looking at this image. Now, I know this because I compared it with the next one. Look at the lower left side of the mug. you see the shading. the dark grey is somewhat scattered.

Takes about 4-5 minutes to render.

Max size: 5000 (Not the maximum you can do, I meant my biggest render size for this)


Takes much longer. About 20 minutes maybe. I was watching tv series, it was running in background.


Perhaps privacy is a thing of the past.

In the future, everything about us will be available with the touch of a button…

Who’s fallen in love, who’s gotten sick, who’s having an affair.

Maybe it’s a good thing…

A future without secrets.

Of course, those of us with a few more years value our privacy.

We’ve made our mistakes and survived them.

It’s not that we want to keep these secrets from others.

Usually, we’re keeping them from ourselves.