Nobody knows who I really am
I never felt this empty before
And if I ever need someone to come along
Who’s gonna comfort me and keep me strong

Nobody knows who I really am

Maybe they just don’t give a damn

But if I ever need someone to come along
I know you would follow me, and keep me strong


I want you to know who I really am

I never thought I’d feel this way towards you
And if you ever need someone to come along
I will follow you, and keep you strong


Type A Personality vs Type B Personality

to look type C and D click here.

There are many classifications out there That helps in determining people’s personalities ,however, the type A and type B classification is the most famous one due to its high accuracy.

This classification divides people into type As, type Bs and other types like Type C and D but the most famous ones are the A the B. below is all what you need to know about these types:

Type A Personality

The following are the characteristics of the type A personality

  • Type A’s has got a severe sense of time urgency. They are always running and can hardly relax. If they sat without doing something useful they may end up feeling guilty
  • Type A’s are over achievers, they usually get themselves involved in many different unrelated activities and perform well in them all.
  • Type A’s biggest problem is stress, they are usually overwhelmed by the amount of tasks they have to do. These tasks are usually a huge list that they planned for themselves.
  • Type A is usually competitive and has a high challenging spirit.

Type B Personality

  • Type B personality is almost the opposite of Type A.
    This type of person is relaxed by nature and has no sense of time urgency
  • Type Bs have got no problems relaxing or sitting without doing anything
  • Type Bs may delay the work they have to the last moment and they usually don’t get stressed that easily.
  • Type B could be an achiever too but his lack of sense of time urgency helps him much in not feeling stressed while doing his tasks.

Long Time No See!

Hi guys! Today I’be reunited with my computer. ( It sounds silly at first, I know but ) I sent it to the service about 2 MONTHS ago. And now I am reconfiguring it. I missed this feeling so much. In fact, I can buy a new one just to feel this again 😛